Fashion designer and founder Julia Haynaliy

Introducing young, talented designer Julia Haynaliy, founder of the HAYNALIY luxury modest fashion label.

Each and every one of our life stories begins in childhood, when we form our dreams and desires, and hope that one day they will come true. Whether they actually do or not is entirely of our own making. It is enough to wish for the right thing and steadfastly chase your goals, overcoming the obstacles that fate puts in your way. The founder and fashion designer of the Haynaliy label is the epitome of this.

Julia Haynaliy
Julia HaynaliyFashion designer

Julia Haynaliy wanted to be part of the world of fashion even as a child. Indeed she had a feel for beauty and craftsmanship from her parents and grandparents in her genes. She graduated from business academy and then university, specialising in International Relations and European Studies. She then started a family, eventually returning to her childhood dream, which had remained in her thoughts the whole time. Her intuition kept on telling her that the world of fashion was the right choice. She therefore applied to Moscow's prestigious Metrics Academy, which she completed with a fashion show and a vision for her own brand of clothing. After returning to the Czech Republic, she set about turning her dream into reality.

After the fashion show at which she presented her first collection, “The power of delicacy”, and after the first applause, Julia Haynaliy opened her own clothing studio, where in addition to pret-a-porter modest fashion collections clients can work with the designer herself to create individual models, and in doing so express their own personality and uniqueness to perfection.

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